Evidence of Co-Evolution of Technology-Centered Knowledge Networks and Capabilities in a Latecomer Enterprise: The Case of Petrobras Distribuidora in Developing the Automotive Lubricant Product Line

Paul Marius Andersen, Eduardo Pinheiro Gondim de Vasconcellos, Marcos Alberto Castelhano Bruno


This paper aims to verify the suitability of DANTAS & BELL (2011) framework, applied on the case of the development of the automotive lubricant product line at the subsidiary Petrobras Distribuidora. Using a single technology example as an exploratory pilot-study in a latecomer firm confirmed the existence of a self-reinforcing, accumulative and non-recursive relationship between capabilities and networks. Moreover, the construct also enabled the assessment of the capability level of the lubricant business and permitted the elaboration of practical managerial considerations aiming at the development of world leading products on the innovation frontier.


knowledge networks; technological capabilities; automotive lubricants; latecomer firm; Brazil

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24023/FutureJournal/2175-5825/2018.v10i3.297

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