Governance Policy

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Board is made up of a group of researchers – professors, undergraduates and graduates - from different national and international teaching and research institutions, with representation in the scientific community. It does not necessarily act collectively and there is no forecast of periodic meetings, with specific guidelines, nor is any formal link between the members of the Council and the legal entity responsible for publishing the journal.

Members are responsible for giving their opinion on issues that involve the improvement of Editorial Policies, appointing referees, publicizing the magazine, thinking about action and innovation strategies in the academic and professional environment, and dealing with ethical issues when triggered.

The Editorial Board does not interfere in the editorial process, however, it can be called by the Scientific Editor for deliberations that involve strategic and/or operational issues. It acts to maintain the scientific level, rigor and reliability necessary to underpin the credibility of a scientific journal.

Scientific Committee

Its objective is to foster the scientific level, rigor and reliability of the editorial process, a fact that, consequently, guarantees the credibility of publications. It must also be committed to ethics and to the indexing criteria on acknowledged bases, and also seek institutional and financial support for maintaining the journal.

Its members act individually and, if necessary, collectively to reflect on editorial policies and procedures.

The Scientific Editor directs the Committee and can request individual or collective contributions, by scheduling a meeting.

A meeting can also be requested to address issues involving the structure and development of this journal. The Committee may indicate themes for special editions/dossiers.

The Scientific Committee does not interfere in the Focus Journal editorial process.

Scientific Editor

The Scientific Editor is responsible for publishing the journal, in technical and scientific terms and counts on a support team, for administrative routine issues involving the editorial process, which, in this journal, is carried out by an electronic system, a fact that makes the process impersonal and transparent as stated in the publishing process provided by the Open Journal System (OJS) platform.

It is the Scientific Editor's responsibility: (i) to evaluate the manuscripts in advance - desk reject - including the adoption of the submission rules by the author(s); (ii) referral to reviewers; (iii) referral to review; and (iv) publication of approved manuscripts.

The Scientific Editor coordinates the actions of the Scientific Committee and works together with the Editorial Board, in order to reflect on the strategic issues of this journal.