Integrating Project Portfolio With Business Strategy: Imagineering

Cesar Buaes Dal Maso, Wanderlei Marinho da Silva, Pedro Carvalho de Mello, Norman de Paula Arruda Filho


Aligning project management to the strategy of a big company is a difficult job. Through Imagineering (the business department and project management program), The Walt Disney Company has done this alignment in an exemplary way. Using a theoretical investigation, this study analyzed the Imagineering as a reference in strategic management of global projects through Disney´s business portfolio, a global benchmarking and with Malmberg et al. (2010) as a company guide. As the main results of the correlations carried out, it was noted that the Imagineers who work in project teams apply tools and techniques with a strategic vision focused on differentiation, generating value, and mixing imagination with technical capacity. The Blue Sky department and its integrated units make possible the creation and deployment of the attractions, the theme parks, hotels, resorts and the Disney sea cruises, demonstrating in this way, to be a highly effective project management office.


Strategy. Project Management. Imagineering.


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