Future Studies Research Journal: Trends and Strategies

FUTURE´s mission is to disseminate intellectual production concerning future studies (Iberoamerican countries and others) and corporate strategies, democratizing knowledge and unveiling novel academic researches and theoretical and empirical advances in the field of Business management and related areas.

All empirical methodologies are welcome, including quantitative, qualitative, field, experiment and combination of different methods researches, in addition to theoretical essays.

Articles must explicit theoretical and empirical contributions to the field of future studies: strategy, innovaton and sustainability management. The journal addresses an audience of highly qualified researchers, professors, students and decision makers who work in the administration of national and international public, private and third sector organizations.


FUTURE is focused on the publication of technical-scientific works in the Business management, Innovation management, Sustainality and related areas having as a main subject future studies, trend analysis.


Disseminate the intellectual output of future studies and strategies of organizations, democratizing knowledge and enhancing novel academic researches and theoretical and empirical advances.

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Vol 11, No 2 (2019): Future Studies Research Journal

Table of Contents

Artigos / Articles

Artur Tavares Vilas Boas Ribeiro, Elimar Pires Vasconcellos
Cláudio Francisco Rezende, Vinícius Silva Pereira, Antonio Sergio Torres Penedo
José Cícero de Castro, Monaliza de Oliveira Ferreira, Marconi Freitas da Costa
Helen Tatiana Takamitsu, José Alcides Gobbo Junior
Julio Cesar Volpp Sierra, Fernando Antonio Ribeiro Serra, Luiz Antonio de Camargo Guerrazzi, José Eduardo Teixeira

Relato Técnico / Technical Report

Corinto Lucca Arruda, Fernando Menchini, Paschoal Tadeu Russo