Regina da Silva Ornellas


The growth of cities and populations has promoted the increase of income and consequently that of consumption. Some perceive growth in consumption as sign of a society´s development. However, upon analysis of the results arising from the increase of such consumption, it becomes apparent that it does spring both good and poor results, some of which might be irreversible. This consumption has been noted for expanding in both an unbridled and unsustainable manner, giving rise to damaging effects, particularly to the planet. An example of such rampant growth is that of the fleet of vehicles, which leads to increased traffic jams in the City that in turn generates pollutant gas emissions. Given this scenario, Collaborative Consumption - which in earlier days was solely perceived as a regular sharing mode (barter, loan, lease and exchange between people) - is currently being established and disseminated through social networks, mobile devices and geolocation systems, technologies which enable anyone to find available and globally shareable locations, products and services. This movement, which is ever gaining strength and character, alongside electric vehicle technologies, is capable of transforming businesses and the way a society lives and consumes, bringing to light the philosophy of cost reduction and the incentive for passive consumers to become active contributors of a sustainable technology. This study´s purpose is to understand the dynamics of Collaborative Consumption and the impact of adherence to this new movement, on Electric Vehicles.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24023/FutureJournal/2175-5825/2013.v5i1.93

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