Marta Sambiase Lombardi, Caio Eduardo Bertoni, Guilherme Issamu Nozawa, Leandro Augustto Grandi, Thiago Bellato


This article poses to explore the relationship between the manager´s perception of uncertainty and the Brazilian industry´s operational performance during the period from 2007 to 2009. This timeframe was chosen because it comprised both positive and negative cycles of the global economic panorama, and thus capable of interfering in the manager´s perception of uncertainty and consequent business strategies. Periods of market fluctuations and more dynamic and complex business environments clearly demonstrate that managerial models which are applicable to static or predictable scenarios, become fragile and of dubious applicability; that is, practices adopted and described in business administration bibliographies might not produce expected results.  A key factor for sound performance is the positioning of companies in relation to future planning (Knight, 2002), the latter defined as actions taken by the entrepreneur given a certain degree of uncertainty, inherent to the management activity.  The relationship between uncertainty and corporate performance has been studied, at least, ever since Knight in 1921. The author affirmed that we live in a world of change and in a world of uncertainty. The level of entrepreneur trust from the National Industry Confederation represented the perception of uncertainty, whilst operational performance was formed as of industrial production and employment IBGE indexes. Results demonstrate that both constructs have equivalent movements during the course of the period, presenting a positive correlation.


Key-words: Uncertainty. Operational performance. Trust.



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