José Eduardo Freitas, Luiz Guilherme de Oliveira


The present work deals with technological foresight in the defense sector, in Brazil. The theme deals with the case of technological foresight developed by the Brazilian Army (EB), between the years 2009 to 2012. The objective was to identify the systems and materials needed to EB, the technologies required to enable their achievement, and scenarios of national defense industry in 2030. The research method was in two phases, a theoretical framework for the methodology of prospecting, and other empirical, for the fieldwork. The empirical phase was conducted via the Internet, with the consultation of about 2000 respondents, from the most diverse areas of society. The research result was a set of systems, materials and technologies as well as a bunch of tables with probabilities, impact, timing, relevance and risks of the scenarios of national defense industry in 2030. With this information, the EB can develop strategies for transform itself into a new Armed Force, the EB 2030.


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